Oktoberfest 2018!


Someone recently asked us, “What do the Maple Valley Lions do?”

We’d like to share a page out of our book with you, to give you a glimpse of what you’re supporting if you join the club, buy tickets to Oktoberfest or volunteer on one of our projects.

In general, the Lions as a larger organization focus on projects to combat hunger, help youth, save the environment and meet vision needs of those in need.

Here in Maple Valley, we have a big focus on doing service with our kids at our side. We have worked to help:
• Elk Run Farm (which grows vegetables and fruits for 12 South King County food banks); 
• the Maple Valley Food Bank & Emergency Services, which helps people in Maple Valley as well as surrounding areas such as Ravensdale, Covington, Hobart, etc.; 
• Vine Maple Place (just one project so far but hopefully more to come)
• The environment: With the Cub Club’s reusable bags, we are encouraging residents to use less plastic (proceeds benefited Elk Run Farm). Also, we have the “Maple Valley Doesn’t Suck” initiative, asking businesses to consider taking the challenge to not automatically serve plastic straws, or to go with paper.
• Various “Saturday Service Days,” such as clean-up at the Maple Valley Community Center and farm work at Elk Run Farm
• Hosted the Maple Valley Days breakfast the past two years.
• Provided volunteers/manpower at other organizations’ events, such as school carnivals, city events and Rotary events.
• Helped rejuvenate/bring back the Community Service Coalition, a sort of “meeting of the minds” of local groups to find out how to maximize volunteer efforts and minimize duplication.
• Met with local teens to hear about the issues they see that need addressing, and also to make them feel heard.

We have talked about how to help local residents with vision and hearing needs, but haven’t had the funds or the system in place yet. We have also talked about helping Backpack Buddies, which sends home food with students who might otherwise go hungry on the weekends when school isn’t in session. We are interested in finding out more about how to help a large-scale, future idea about creating a Maple Valley creative arts collective/pavilion.

Lastly, we are open to new ideas of how to help our community. Join us at Oktoberfest (tickets on sale now!) or an upcoming meeting to let us know what you think!

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Meeting this Saturday!

It’s meeting week! We can’t wait to see you all Saturday, and don’t forget to bring your Cubs!

The Cub Club will put finishing touches on their reusable bag design. You won’t want to miss the chance for them to put their own touch on this awesome piece that we will be selling as a fundraiser for Elk Run Farm and our club.

We’ll also give overview of the mission & impact of LCIF & hear about possible grants!

And, we’ll discuss individual charitable goals & how to mentally prioritize finances.

Comment below with “Can’t wait!” or an emoji or gif so we can see who’s going to be able to make it!!

*Please note that due to midwinter break, our Thursday recap for those who can’t make Saturdays will be at 6 p.m. on March 1 at Imbibe.

Member Meeting – Presentation from Plastic Ain’t Our Bag

We have a great meeting planned this month.  We will be enjoying a kid-friendly (much more so than our last environmental presentation…sorry about that one) discussion and activity brought to us by Abbe Gloor from Plastic Ain’t Our Bag.  Abbe will be educating us on how to reduce our plastic use and engaging our children in this very important topic.  Please don’t miss it.  The meeting will be held in our usual location at the precinct on Saturday, January 20th from 9-10:00am….BRING YOUR FRIENDS!  Also, please pencil in our Thursday night recap at Azafran on Thursday, January 25th at 7pm (board of directors will meet at 6pm).  I can’t wait to see you all there.

We are going to teach the kids how to make reusable bags out of t-shirts during this so don’t forget to bring a t-shirt!

Lions Imbibe Takeover

You’re invited to drink beer, for a good cause!

Please join us for a Lions Takeover at Imbibe, starting at 6 p.m. Nov. 1. For every pint you order, $2 will be donated to the Maple Valley Centennial Lions!

Donations will be kept here in Maple Valley, for community vision needs. Pretzels and other snacks also available for purchase.

Got kids? Bring ‘em next door to our special Cub Club event at Steamboat Studio, 6-9 p.m. $40 for the first child and $5 price break for siblings. 

Wanna see what’s on tap? http://imbibebeer.com/

Steamboat Studio: http://steamboatstudio.com/
23330 Maple Valley Black Diamond Road S.E.

Thank you to Imbibe and Steamboat Studio for partnering with the Maple Valley Centennial Lions!